The Dog API

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Why does this exist?

I was looking for something fun to use when teaching kids to code so they didn’t have to make another To-Do app, and it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t like Cats or Dogs.

I love open API’s, and bemoan that fact that so many API’s out there are hidden behind pay, or personal data collecting walls. If you’ve made an API yourself i would honestly love to hear about it and have a play around.

Do i need an API key?

Not if you just want a quick play, but without one you can only make requests to a few methods, and you only have access to 100 dog pictures.

How is this free?

I pick up the costs, potentially with sponsorship in the future.

How do you earn revenue?

I don’t, there’s no Ads, premium features or Adtech of any kind. I’ve had lots of nice users and corporates asking to donate, and have plays for an interesting method of sponsorship later in the year. If you would like to donate before then, please give it to one of the many animal charities out there like the WWF, and ping me on Twitter so i can thank you personally.

How can i help?

Spread the word, upload pictures of your dog, make a tutorial, send me some feedback – even if it’s just your favourite dog. I’d love it everyone who was learning to make apps, new languages or frameworks, knew there was something fun to play with, and learnt more about Animals, rather than just making another To-Do app.

How long will this be up?

Well, my first public service API – The Cat API has been up and free since 2012, which is longer than most VC funded startups. I’ve planned to continue funding all of them for the next 10 years, and hope to continue doing so long after that if people still find them useful.

What is the Image upload policy

You need to have the rights to the Image, you grant us a license to analyse and distribute it only via the API. We cannot sell it, it is your copyright and belongs to you.

Dogs only – no humans, advertising, text or watermarks please.

Anything adult or innapropriate to be seen by kids will be deleted before being seen by anyone, and upload privilges will be removed from your account.