Public Service APIs

“That API Company” – A collection of fun, useful & accessible APIs to help anyone Teach, Learn, Build or Test. My way of giving back, and creating resources i wish were available when i was learning to code.

To date nearly 5000 developers have used them.

The Cat API  – Free interactive API all about Cat images.

The Dog API – Free interactive API all about Dogs Images & Breeds.

The Donation API – Charitable donations for social impact projects with tangible outcomes. I’m currently working on this at 

In closed Beta:

  • The SDG API – Tracking each countries progress towards the U.N.’s sustainable development goals
  • The Image API – Free image hosting, optimisation, recognition & categorisation
  • The Analytics API – Free, easy to implement analytics for any app or server

There are 6 more at the planning or Alpha stage. All are self funded & Ad-free. 

— If you have any feedback, or would like to be included in a trial then send me an Email, or post on the Forum.


Premise & trends that inform my decisions about public service API development:

  • There’s not enough software engineers in the world
  • Brilliance is evenly distributed in the world, but unevenly accessible
  • Learning to be a software engineer takes a long time and isn’t engaging for all
  • Too much of building technology involves remaking the wheel every project instead of focussing on the core problem.
  • Developer focussed SaaS products are removing their free tiers – cutting out junior developers / weekend projects / those from emerging nations.
  • Cost of Servers, Data Transfer and Latency is trending to zero.
  • There’s not enough, low cost/ free, pragmatic services that cover 80% of use-cases.
    Useful, Free & Massively scaled apps like Trello provide an excellent example
  • Language & localisation are a key barrier to education & usage
  • Citizens of cities are underused resource for their community
  • Ability to scale globally should be table stakes